SDRPlay RSP1A Receiver Review.

SDRPlay are a British company and they have been manufacturing SDR radios since 2015. Their first model was the RSP1 which had a 2 tone grey/blue case. All of SDRPlays radios are designed and built in the UK which is very surprising as most products like this are built and assembled in China or Taiwan….

Home made coaxial dipole antenna for civil (and military) airband.

 Builders please let me know about your version of the #AirbandBazooka  by sending me a message or photos on twitter.    https://twitter.com/merseyradar Please do provide some photos/reception reports and I will include them here.   Make your own DIY #AirbandBazooka antenna for Civil or Military using the guide on my website https://t.co/r3cd0S3H8l Performance better than…

2 More Airband Antennas from Superyagi reviewed.

Superyagi  Slim-Jim Antenna for Civil Airband (128mhz Centre Frequency) .   You may recall a review I did quite a while ago on the superyagi j-pole antenna for civil airband. That first review and a little more info about the business is linked below, http://www.merseyradar.co.uk/airband-radio/superyagi-civil-airband-antenna/ That variant was certainly made to last and that particular…