I bought these test leads from a vendor at Aliexpress store.

Link to item below


I paid £7 GBP around $8.50 USD including delivery for 3 sets of the “20 Amp” version.

There were many positive reviews from buyers of this item on the Aliexpress page.


Two weeks or so after I hit the “buy” button, my 3 sets duly arrived in a padded bag.

They are not too bad at all considering the price paid.

Delivery was around 2 weeks to UK.

As said ,There were 2 options 10amp and 20amp rating so I went for the “20amp”.


Some things to note,

The Negatives

The leads are not silicone/high temperature wire but PVC . They have a 105 C marking but I very much doubt they would withstand this, more like 85 C I suspect.

They are 1000 volt marked but I certainly would not consider using these on anything over 100 volts…I would use my Amprobe silicone leads for that but they are 8 or 9 times the cost of this cheap and cheerful set.

20 amp ?? ,Errr NO  I dont think so !..More like 10 amps and in very small doses !

Watch out, the tips of the probes, they are very sharp indeed. I have been finger spiked a few times already :0)


The Positives

Price $8 dollars is crazy value for 3 sets even if they last a year or so. I use test leads a lot for hobby work.

They are well made and look as though they would satisfy most hobbyists that want a set of leads to measure low voltages (<100v potential /10 amps ) working in and around PCBs or project boards.

They are supplied with a pair of covers for the probe ends which is a welcome addition due to the ends being tack sharp.

The probe tips are very small and very sharp, very good for SMD device diagnostics. You can get right in there on some very small SMD pads with no problem.

Croc clips are included and make good contact when fitted to the ends of the probes.


Good value considering.