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Home made coaxial dipole antenna for civil (and military) airband.

A simple enough home brew project for the Airband listener. Easily the most popular web page on my blog site,  Huge Thanks to the many readers world wide , I trust that you will find the information in this article useful to make your own Civil or Military aviation band antenna for very small cost….

SuperYagi Airband Antenna.

My latest purchase was a new antenna dedicated to the civilian airband 108-136 MHz. I had made J-Pole antennas before using ladder line, heavy copper wire and scrap copper pipe and even speaker wire but all were rough and ready types not very much in the way of care was taken in the construction. The…

HF receiving antenna G-WHIP

I bought this antenna a few years ago for listening to HF airband transmissions. It is made in the United Kingdom by Geoff Brown G4ICD, then propietor of G-Whip. Believe it or not, I bought this item brand new/unused for £25 from here Rosscomm Radio It was the last one remaining of old stock. G-Whip…