This Airspy R2 belongs to a fellow scanning enthusiast.

I have replaced the USB socket twice on this unit already. I stated to the owner, use extreme caution when plugging or unplugging from micro USB.

It is so important not to be heavy handed when plugging or unplugging the unit.

Micro USB sockets are very fragile.


Anyway on to the repair, another morning spent with the soldering iron.

I will state this before anybody even attempts replacing the socket…This is not a job for the feint of heart or shaky hand !

An existing socket is difficult to remove without damaging anything, solder mop off any solder you can get at then work carefully with hot air and tweezers.

For fitting the new socket, The Fnirsi HS-01 iron is great for this small work, it can powered from PD / usb c, it heats up fast and you can get in really close with the super fine tip.

I purchased mine from Kunkune electronics , great price came with a set of handy tips. It was at my door the next day. (Check out Kunkune store Trust Pilot ratings)


This time I wasnt taking any chances so some hot melt resin was applied carefully (Tecbond 248 from power adhesives) whilst a lead was connected into the socket so as not to foul the internal contacts. This adhesive should not cause corrosion issues to the PCB but I have got to the stage of “In case of a possible boomerang ..I am not doing this again, throw the kitchen sink at it”



The unit is now returned to normal operation, 3rd time lucky perhaps !

Not the best or neatest work I have done but my excuse is its third time around ..and it works. That will do for me.



The 2 Golden rules of Airspy Ownership

1..If you are going to disconnect your Airspy for any reason, Mitigate the risk of damaging the micro usb socket ,Unplug the unit from the larger USB-A at computer end of the lead.

 2. If you need to disconnect or reconnect antenna , power off the Airspy first. Computer ground is not the same as antenna ground, High static voltages can flash over and kill your airspy stone dead.


This unit will be winging its way back to its owner tommorow with a clean bill of health.

The Airspy range of SDR radios are truly superb radios but they are delicate devices made with very small surface mount components. Take care when handling them. Common sense really.