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L-Band DIY antennas for Jaero

Carrying on from my previous JAERO/L-BAND blog post linked below http://www.merseyradar.co.uk/airband-radio/satellite-acars-reception-on-l-band-with-jaero/     It should be noted that both of the antennas detailed below I intend to use with the excellent LNA Amplifier /Saw Filter Combination, The “Saw Bird io” by Nooelec which is bespoke designed for the intended frequency range (around 1545-1550mhz).    …

SDRPlay RSP1A Receiver Review.

SDRPlay are a British company and they have been manufacturing SDR radios since 2015. Their first model was the RSP1 which had a 2 tone grey/blue case. All of SDRPlays radios are designed and built in the UK which is very surprising as most products like this are built and assembled in China or Taiwan….

New SDR radio purchase, Airspy R2.

For a long time now I have been thinking about buying an SDR radio. I have plenty of low cost RTL dongles, they represent great value for money and are good for experimenting with the concept of SDR but when it comes to listening to steaming digital audio over several frequencies rapidly on lets say…