This is definitely the largest collection of scanners I have ever seen.

Feast your eyes on this little lot, the collection of enthusiast Gerrit Van Den Ham from The Netherlands.



When I seen this collection on the internet I contacted the owner Gerrit who lives in a town called Rhenen which is on the River Nederrijn about 5 miles  west of Arnhem.

An area of great historical significance , Rhenen is around 2 miles south west from the glider landing zones used in WW2 during Operation Market Garden in 1944.

Gerrit informed me that he received his first scanner in 1974 (Handic 006) and he decided to start collecting in 2004 and he now has around 100 models.

What a stunning collection !

Many models from obscure manufacturers.

It seems a while ago, local TV news featured his collection, excuse the poor video quality .

Gerrit has a webpage featuring models from his collection with close up photos.

One model that caught my eye was made under the Roberts Air brand, a dedicated airband scanner, a very modern look compared to some other crystal based scanners .

Roberts Air 8A Scanner

Seems to be a very close relative to the RA.MA Model 8 (no airband) seen below, which is also in Gerrits collection. Model 8 (Black)



Many Thanks to Gerrit  for the web resource as I was unaware many of these models and manufacturers even existed.


Amazing dedication to the hobby of radio I think you will agree.



 Attribution : Many thanks indeed to Gerrit Van Den Ham of for kindly granting permission to use the images contained in this page.



UPDATE MARCH 2019 : Gerrit has informed me that he has made a new website with many more models featured


Enjoy !