I bought this antenna a few years ago for listening to HF airband transmissions.
It is made in the United Kingdom by Geoff Brown G4ICD, then propietor of G-Whip.

The G-Whip receive antenna for HF complete in IP67 Enclosure with 20m of kevlar wire.

Believe it or not, I bought this item brand new/unused for £25 from here

Rosscomm Radio

It was the last one remaining of old stock.

G-Whip never needed advertising very much, word of mouth amongst radio amateurs and short wave listeners was enough to keep Geoff busy.

The quality of manufacture and the performance is nothing short of amazing but it really is the attention to detail that impressed me so much.

Geoff always said that his products were made up to a performance standard and not down to a price point.

The materials used in construction are of the highest quality.

Lets open and have a look..

G Whip Receive Antenna.

A 12:1 ratio 6 core Guanella Current balun wound with PTFE covered wire, fully resin potted and all stainless steel fittings.

The 12:1 Current Balun and PTFE coated windings, Fully resin potted.

To top it off we have 20 mtrs of Kevlar wire which has a 90kg breaking strain and a handy winder.

Just unwind & chuck up the wire, attach your rig with a coaxial patch and you are good to go.

If you inspect the photo above you will note that there is no physical connection from the windings to the so-239 socket outer chassis/coaxial shield point . Geoff tells me there is some clever design involved in this one due to the complexity of the windings it will read a short at the socket. Thats clever..and intriguing at the same time !


If you are a keen SWL/HF airband listener and can find one of these on ebay, snap it up.

The antenna will outlast you, its that good.



Here we see Geoff in the G-Whip workshop a few years ago telling us more about his creations, Marvellous !



The G-Whip business name was sold last year , It has a new owner.

Geoff Brown concentrates on commercial antennas.
He has a new company RF Comms.  http://www.rfcomms.co.uk/

Now and again he will make a batch of antennas or baluns for a commercial customer and rather than throw the potting resin away, he will make a few more items for sale to non-commercial customers.

These items are sold through the “special offers” section of his website above, or his ebay store linked below.


This stuff is of even higher quality than my G-Whip antenna shown here. Insane value for money if you snap up one of his sale items.



In our throw away society, People like Geoff Brown need to be mentioned in dispatches for their contribution to the hobby of radio. Fantastic value for money products produced with great care.

Im not the only one who thought G-Whip stuff was great ,
Here are some more reviewers of their products, page after page of 5/5 ratings.

G-Whip reviews at eham.net