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New SDR radio purchase, Airspy R2.

For a long time now I have been thinking about buying an SDR radio. I have plenty of low cost RTL dongles, they represent great value for money and are good for experimenting with the concept of SDR but when it comes to listening to steaming digital audio over several frequencies rapidly on lets say…

Vintage data scanning : Lowe Airmaster 2000 ACARS Decoder.

Following on from my earlier post on the Realistic PRO-2006 scanner I wonder how many home spotters out there bought a Lowe Electronics Airmaster 2000 ACARS decoding package. Revolutionary in its day, it comprised of some software (freeware I think) on a floppy disk and an demodulator dongle distributed and sold by Lowe Electronics, Matlock….

Realistic Pro-2006 Scanner Refurbishment (unit b)

      Realistic Pro-2006¬† ¬†Unit: B “Bravo”. (Experimental). One of the golden greats of 1990s scanner radios the Realistic Pro-2006 (also known as the Comtel 205 in European markets) was made for Radio Shack/Tandy by General Research Electronics Inc (GRE) Japan and designed and assembled in their factory in Chiba Prefecture. To quote radio…