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SDRPlay RSP1A Receiver Review.

SDRPlay are a British company and they have been manufacturing SDR radios since 2015. Their first model was the RSP1 which had a 2 tone grey/blue case. All of SDRPlays radios are designed and built in the UK which is very surprising as most products like this are built and assembled in China or Taiwan….

HF Receiving antenna, The PA0RDT mini-whip.

This is an unusual antenna in my collection, the PA0RDT active mini whip. Normally I would be¬†sceptical about the performance of such a small device for HF use but I read a few favourable reviews on the internet and decided to order one for using with my Tecsun PL-600 ssb radio and I thought it…

HF receiving antenna G-WHIP

I bought this antenna a few years ago for listening to HF airband transmissions. It is made in the United Kingdom by Geoff Brown G4ICD, then propietor of G-Whip. Believe it or not, I bought this item brand new/unused for ¬£25 from here Rosscomm Radio It was the last one remaining of old stock. G-Whip…