If you were a civil airband enthusiast in the late 1980s you may recall the WIN-108 receiver.

The radio had 20 channels in 2 banks of 10.

I had one of these, a very capable machine back in the day and I liked using it on my plane spotting visits to Manchester Ringway Airport, UK.

The UK and European distributor for the WIN-108 was Lowe Electronics in Matlock, Derbyshire.

This radio was very popular, the emphasis was on receiver performance instead of bells and whistles.

£175 GBP back in 1989.


How things have changed with regards to pricing within our hobby. For the same amount you can get a Uniden 125xlt today in 2023 so imagine how much enthusiasts spent on their kit back then in real terms.



No details of the maker can be found on the internet..or so I thought…

Some detective work from the FCC marking on the rear of the radio & conducting a search of the FCC website database reveals the maker.


Win Industries.
Win Building 3-2-24.
Nishi Aoki District.
Kawaguch-Shi City. 332-0035.



Copy of my user manual. not available on the internet as far as I can see from searches.




Here are a few photos.